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I Miss Molly Ivins

Posted in Elections,General,Uncategorized by Mina Morita on November 1, 2010

I woke up this morning missing Molly Ivins.  I wish I could channel her right now to get her perspective on the absurdity of the 2010 political landscape.  But, she sums it up quite eloquently with this quote:

What stuns me most about contemporary politics is not even that the system has been so badly corrupted by money. It is that so few people get the connection between their lives and what the bozos do in Washington and our state capitols.

In my role as a “politician”, Molly Ivins grounded me because she always spoke the truth – that’s the power of a good journalist.

In this speech at Tulane University, Molly gives the most succinct civics lesson ever and her political commentary is probably more germane than anything you will hear tomorrow night.

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  1. Kauaibrad said,

    Knew Molly in Austin. Funny, but she likes the ways of losers too much.

    Drinkin’ outta plastic bottles?

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