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Better Place Test Drive

Posted in Clean Energy,Issues,Sustainability by Mina Morita on April 1, 2010

“I like to drive fast,” says Jenn Lucien, my Office Manager, “and this car can keep up with me! It was a blast and I am really excited about the emerging technology and the affordability that will make it an easy choice for Hawaii drivers.”

Jeff Gilbreath, a Legislative Aide in my office, commented after his test drive, “I don’t drive, but this car may change that.”

Darcey Whitney, who is a proud new hybrid owner and another Legisaltive Aide of mine said, “It was so much fun to drive; electric vehicles are perfect for Hawaii!”

“I like my 5-speed manual transmission, but I could definitely see my self in one of these,” said Josh Frost, another one of my Legislative Aides.

From left to right: Me, Jason Wolf, Regional Vice President of Better Place, and Brian Goldstein, Head of Hawaii Market for Better Place.


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  1. Kauaibrad said,

    Like the video! You have my thoughts on what the competitiveness of this might be in the EV market. But, since the State is already committed, let’s wish them the best. No matter what, all EV’s cost half as much or less than gasoline engine vehicles to cover the same distance. So let’s hope a bunch of EV’s from many sources start entering this market soon.

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