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Civil Unions

Posted in Issues,Legislation/Capitol by Mina Morita on January 30, 2010

The vote on House Bill 444 has been postponed indefinitely.  To say that I am disappointed and ashamed on what happened on the House floor would be an understatement.  I believe the public, whether one was for or against civil union, deserved a definitive closure on this issue.  I have been clear where I stand on this issue.  I support civil unions.  The posturing on this bill, by not correcting a defective date and all the procedural maneuvering, has been shameful.  We were not leaders today.


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  1. Lorelei said,

    Those miserable cowards! Faced with an actual human rights issue, with the chance to begin to treat people with equal dignity, they cut and run! Disgusting.

  2. Aloha Rep Morita,
    As a Bodyof Legislators, you are correct; there wasn’t much leadership evident. As one Representative of our Island, pointed out, his vote represented those who personally contacted him, and not necessarily his concsience (?) nor the entire community.
    However, I am very grateful to say that there have been few, if any, times when I felt that you did not represent your people, holding the Aina & Kanaka in the highest deference and never have I seen you vote with a lack of integrity, regardless of the decision. We are proud to have you as Kaua`i’s Representative, and I pesonally want to share my heartfelt Mahalo to you for your commitment and service. It seems we have much work to do!
    With warmest aloha,

  3. carol seielstad said,


    Thank you for your honesty – I agree, whether for or against we should have been to see the votes “on the record”. Thanks for the good communication.

    Aloha, Carol

  4. Puanani Rogers said,

    Mahalo a nui e Mina,

    Just letting you know that I am subscribed to your blog and to thank you for all that you are doing or can do in your capacity as a leader and representative of our community.

    May Ke Akua and your na aumakua continue to kokua and kako`o you in all your work and decisions.


  5. Kauaibrad said,

    Oh! Just learned about this in the paper today. Neat. Will start following this blog.

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